Wednesday, November 29, 2006

For Friday, two things:
(1) Simmons and Kant (articles handed out in class, also available here in WORD and HTML; also in my box in the philosophy department in Sale Hall).
(2) This booklet, produced by this organization called Vegan Outreach.

See these pages too:

The National Chicken Council

United Egg Producers

American Egg Board

National Cattleman's Beef Association:

National Pork Producers Council:


For Monday, we'll briefly discuss Kant's ethical theory. Here's a handout on that. And we will discuss abortion Monday and Wed. BE ON TIME.

Readings for Monday (on Kant's ethical theory and abortion): I'll post very soon.

We will use these handouts: (FELDMAN PAGE ON ABORTION) and (ABORTION WORKSHEET), but I will give copies of them to you.

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