Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A few announcements:

1. If you did not submit your paper 1 to Turnitin, you may do so until Friday, but there will be a significant grade penalty. Remember, your paper will get a a grade only if you (a) turn in a hardcopy and (b) submit it to Turnitin.

2. As I have said many times, students need to be familiar with the policies outlined in the syllabus. It is here: http://philosophy302.blogspot.com/2008/01/current-syl.html

3. A number of submitted papers are plagiarized. Here is some of what the syllabus says about that:
  • If you submit a plagiarized paper (e.g., a paper you took in whole or in part from the internet or some other illegitimate source, such as a peer who has had this course before), the instructor (with the help of Turnitin.com) will notice this and you will then fail this course immediately. Although we will discuss this, it is your responsibility to know what plagiarism is.
  • Here are some suggestions to avoid plagiarism: do not check the internet for anything related to your papers: instead use the texts required for the course and think for yourself; do not take phrases from the texts; put all of your writings in your own words; do not cut and paste anything from the internet into your paper; do not visit Wikipedia, an extremely unreliable source for academic philosophy; do not take articles from online encyclopedias; do not visit online dictionaries
4. The syllabus also has this helpful information:

Technical support:

Unfortunately some of the pin codes for the Turnitin are invalid. If you find that your pin code is not registering properly (the password is ethics and the course codes are above), they should contact Thompson. They should go to the following web site http://www.thomsonedu.com/support and choose to Chat or send an e-mail to amy.stanton@cengagecom


OPS Writing Assignment:

EMP: Ch. 3, pp/ 45-51, AND
RTD: Ch. 13. “Is Homosexuality Unnatural?” Burton Leiser