Thursday, February 14, 2008

Southeast Philosophy Conference at Clayton State University



Saturday, February 16, 2008

8.30 am to 9.30am


University Center 2nd Floor

9.30 am-10.45 am

UC 420

Robert Case (Clayton State University, GA) On the Nature of God

Ryan Larosa (Clayton State University, GA) On American Foreign Policy: Non-Intervention, an American Tradition

UC 424

Charles Bauch (University of West Georgia) Virtue Ethics and Capitalist Power

Ben Hole (Lewis and Clark College, OR) Aristotle on MEGALOPSUCHIA

10.50 am to 12.05 pm

UC 420

George Allen (Clark University, MA) In Defense of the Circular and Contradictory Nature of Descartes’ Meditations

Timothy James Wright (University of West Georgia) The Sacred Whore

UC 424

Michael Uhall (University of Georgia) 'Talking Wolves' in Sheep's Clothing: Biletzki, Hobbes, and the Primacy of Rhetoric

Jay Mikelman (Tulane University, LA) Thomas Hobbes and the Problem of Suicide Bombers

12.10pm to 1.25 pm Lunch University Center Foyer

1.30 pm to 2.45 pm

UC 420

Jason Shepard (University of South Alabama) Qualia – or Something More Relevant – Regained

Chelsea Ruxer (University of Evansville, IN) Falsity in Physicalism

UC 424

Laura Delgado (University of St. Andrews, UK) Two Problems with Spinoza's Argument for Substance Monism

Geoffrey James (Morehouse College, GA) Why Utilitarianism Does Not Justify Vegetarianism

2.50 pm to 4.15 pm

UC 420

Taurean Webb (Morehouse College, GA) The Importance of Deliberation

Jacob Britten (Grand Valley State University, MI) Implications of Evolution in Epistemology

UC 424

Richard Marrero (University of Alabama Huntsville) Rawls’ Original Position

Michael Hobgood (Clayton State University, GA) Boots on the (Philosophical) Ground: Human Nature According to a Soldier

4.20pm to 5.00pm

UC 420

Jonathan Langlinais (Loyola University, LA) Hegel’s Concept of Virtue as Ethical Phronesis

UC 424

Anna King (Clayton State University, GA) Problems with Secured Boundaries for Women in Book V of Plato’s Republic