Wednesday, April 09, 2008

From Oprah

Salma Hayek
Not only is Salma an award-winning actress, primetime television producer and a new mother, she's also a big giver. She is working to help eradicate tetanus, a disease caused by deadly bacteria that enter the body through open wounds.

In developing countries with unsanitary conditions, tetanus is often transmitted during childbirth and infects both mother and child. The infection rages through the body like a powerful poison, and it leads to a swift, painful death in almost every case. These deaths can be prevented with a vaccine that costs just 5 cents per shot.

Salma is helping Pampers promote their just-launched One Pack = One Vaccine program. Each time someone purchases a pack of specially marked diapers, Pampers will donate one vaccination shot to UNICEF to fight tetanus in 12 countries. "What I love about this program is that it's so simple and everyone can participate," she says. "UNICEF has been working already on this, and they've been very successful with this program. They've eradicated the virus from many different countries, and now they are focusing on practically the last 12."

The One Pack = One Vaccine program is crucial to protecting the lives of thousands. "Every three minutes, a baby dies with horrible pain. During this interview, so many have died and suffered so much from it. And it's preventable," Salma says. "The goal is that there will be zero deaths after this—zero deaths in these 12 African countries."

Pampers is donating 1,000 vaccines for each member of today's Oprah Show audience—300,000 vaccines. And in honor of Oprah, they're donating 1 million vaccines—for a total of 1.3 million vaccines! To make your own contribution, visit