Monday, June 08, 2009

Tomorrow our class with overlap with that public health bioethics class again. For Wednesday though we will pick up with Rachels EMP Ch. 1. Thursday we will do Chapter 2.

Here's what I suggested the Public Health class look at:

Today people seemed to vote that they'd like to discuss abortion/stem cell research/cloning (which can all be related in various ways) and/or euthanasia/physician assisted suicide.

Here is a reading on abortion:

James Rachels, "Active and Passive Euthanasia," JAMA
Here's what's been assigned for our class so far, from the syl.:

Vaughn, Ch.1, “How To Read Philosophy”

o Vaughn, Ch.2, “How To Read An Argument

o Rachels, RTD: Ch. 2, “Some Basic Points About Arguments,” available here if you don’t yet have the books:

o Vaughn, Ch. 5, “Avoiding Fallacious Reasoning”

o Rachels, RTD: Ch.1 “A Short Introduction to Moral Philosophy,” available here if you don’t yet have the books: Writing assignment: which theory or theories are best and why? 2 pages

o Ch. 1, "What is Morality?" (EMP) OPS Writing Assignment on the arguments in favor of killing Teresa, separating the twins and killing Tracey (!!)