Thursday, October 08, 2009


I believe I have now recorded grades for all assignments submitted (there have been six assignments).
I have made a slight change in policy, however. I believe I have *repeatedly* requested that students put both their email address and their class time on the work they submit. Many students, however, are still not doing this, which greatly slows down the grading time. I have decided, therefore, that if a student does not put his or her email and class time on his or her submissions, I will not email that student his or her grade for that particular assignment.
Thus, to receive email updates on grades, simply do what you have been asked to do, namely put your name, email address, and class time on your work.
Thank you! :

P.S. If have not received grade updates from me, search your email, esp. your spam folder, for emails from
P.P.S. If you did not receive an email with a grade about the most recent OPS on "Is Homosexuality Unnatural?" that might be because you did not put your email and/or classtime on it. Check to see if you did that.