Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Assignments, from Page 2 of the Syl.

First reading and writing assignments:


o Rulebook: Preface, Introduction and the chapter on Deductive Arguments (VI in the current edition)

o Rachels, RTD: Ch. 2, “Some Basic Points About Arguments,” available here if you don’t yet have the books:

o Rachels, RTD: Ch.1 “A Short Introduction to Moral Philosophy,” available here if you don’t yet have the books: Writing assignment: which of the three final ethical theories – social contract theory, utilitarianism and/or Kantianism – are best and why? (Maybe they are all best in combination somehow?) You must describe and explain the theories. Submitted online.


o Elements, Ch. 1, "What is Morality?" CPR Writing Assignment: state, explain and evaluate arguments (as sound or unsound) in favor of killing Teresa, separating the twins and killing Tracey. Submitted online.