Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Paper 3

Ethics Paper 3

Due by Monday, November 22, in class and via the Turnitin system

In this paper you should state, in logically valid premise-conclusion format, at least five arguments for the conclusion that abortion is wrong (or all or most abortions are wrong, or abortion is prima facie wrong) and then carefully explain, for each of these arguments, whether it is sound or not and why.

These arguments should be arguments that you believe are the most important or common or influential or challenging arguments. All of these arguments should be ones we discussed in class and at least three of them should be ones presented and discussed in our readings (Warren, Marquis, Thompson).

You need not argue for a general thesis about abortion: you only need to argue for a thesis concerning these arguments.

Your paper should be clearly written and well-organized. Please re-read your paper on how to write a philosophy paper. This paper gives you the opportunity to show that you have mastered the methods of moral argument analysis that we have been practicing in this class.