Monday, June 27, 2011

For Tuesday, re-read the Feldman pages on simple moral arguments.
Make a list of at least 5 common reasons given to think that abortion is morally permissible, and at least 10 reasons given to think that abortion is wrong.
For Wednesday, read (1) in Rachels Elements of Moral Philosophy, the chapter on morality and religion (Does Morality Depend on Religion?) and write a detailed summary of the entire chapter. Also, read Mary Anne Warren’s “The Moral and Legal Status of Abortion,” the link of which is available on the blog:
Since Wednesday’s assignment involves more reading and writing, you should start it today.
What we have been doing, in terms of making arguments logically valid and deciding whether they are sound, is structurally analogous to this:
Bob is a student at Morehouse.
All M students are good dancers / If someone is a M student, then he’s a good dancer.
Therefore, he’s a good dancer.

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