Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Due Monday; EMP Ch 1 next week

Due to the late adds, there are some extensions in due dates on the two first writing assignments, both of which are now due Monday (but they can be turned in early, of course!).

Always put your class time and email on your papers/written work.
Always staple them.
1. Although you must read the entire chapter, in this writing assignment please summarize and explain the moral theories discusses in the second half of the article, "A Short Introduction to Moral Philosophy," beginning on page 5 with The Social Contract. Explain which theory or theories you think are best and why. At least 2-3 pages.  
2. Please write an extremely detailed summary of the all the sections of The Elements of Moral Philosophy chapter 1. At the end write down any questions you have about anything in the chapter. Likely 3-5 pages.   
Links for these chapters are available below on the blog and on the syllabus.

For Friday, please make two lists, as long as you can make them:

  • Actions that you think most people would think are obviously wrong.
  • Actions that you think most people would think are obviously morally permissible / obligatory / or otherwise good. 

Here are links for the readings thusfar: I repost them to delete the previous posts:

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