Monday, July 02, 2012

Final quiz:

When: next Tuesday, July 10, 12 PM, noon.

Ch. 4 (religion and ethics; abortion), \
5 (egoism and poverty), and
7 & 8 (utilitarianism and euthanasia, drug use and the treatment of animals),
as well as all other readings, handouts and anything raised in class discussion or the notes.  Additional readings in include "One Nurses Story: What I had to do for my patient mac" and John Simmons' "Reasonable Humans and Animals")
You will also be asked to formulate arguments in logically valid form (e.g., adding unstated premises) and be able to explain whether arguments are sound or not.

There will be some extra credit questions on the chapters on Kant's ethics and the death penalty.
The detailed summaries or outlines of the two chapters on Kant are now extra credit.

All work needs to be submitted via . See below.

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