Friday, November 16, 2012

NOTE: for most students, I do not know whether they did the blog assignment. This is because names are not on the blogs and/or print outs of the blogs and so I do not know who did what. If you did the assignment, I encourage you to make sure that I got it!

Remaining work:

1. A final quiz, covering a bit more on abortion, as well as the new issues of absolute poverty and the treatment of animals (as well as the earlier discussion in EMP of those issues: see "Is there a duty to help the starving" in the chapter on Ethical Egoism and "Third Example: Non-human animals" in the first chapter on utilitiarianism). Day and time TBA since the schedule hasn't been revealed.

2. Remaining readings and detailed summaries/reactions:

- Mary Anne Warren, "On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion" (RTD and online; due this Monday, November 19 in class and via Turnitin). Relevant issue: what are persons?

- Peter Singer, "The Singer Solution to World Poverty," NY Times (RTD and online; due Monday after thanksgiving in class and via Turnitin): SEE THIS POWERPOINT.
- John Simmons, "Reasonable Humans and Animals": 
due Monday after thanksgiving in class and via Turnitin)
3. Paper: Pick the issue of world poverty or the treatment of animals. Write an essay where you 

  • present an argument from Singer and/or Simmons (in logically valid form!) for the conclusion that you are morally obligated to donate something to help people living in absolute poverty (say, by joining the $10 club) or that you are morally obligated to not eat animals and so become a vegetarian
  • Fully explain that argument, i.e., reasons why the premises should be accepted.
  • Explain what either utilitarians OR Kantians should argue about this issue. 
  • Consider at least five objections to the argument;
  • Explain whether any of these objections are strong or not.
Your paper should have an introduction, a thesis about what YOU are obligated or not obligated to do, be well organized, and have a conclusion.

Due date: as late as possible, TBA.

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