Saturday, February 16, 2013

Updates & News

Hello all,
I wanted to send out a reminder that you have been asked - a long time ago - to read Vaughn, Ch 1 & 2. I am concerned that perhaps some students have not done that.

For Monday, Feb 25, a detailed summary of outline of Vaugh Ch. 3 and 4 will be due.

This Friday there will be a quiz over everything covered thus far in the course, such as:
  • RTD Ch 1 and 2
  • EMP Ch. 1 and 2
  • Vaughn Ch 1 & 2
  • all handouts and everything else presented in class

The quiz will give you the opportunity to demonstrate that know and understand the various theories, arguments and concepts discussed in those chapters and presented in class lecture and discussion. I encourage you to make a detailed study guide concerning all the material. Working in groups on this might be very useful. For each reading, you will want to know and understand:
- each theory presented
- each argument presented
- every concept presented and discussed in class.  
- every case or example (e.g., Baby Theresa) understood: i.e., all the relevant facts of case known.

I will have a lot of work to give you back on Monday which, if you have time, you can pick up early between 11 and 12.

I have some concerns about many students' recent writing assignment concerning EMP Ch. 2. The concern is that many students did not directly answer the questions on the assignment and/or they did not answer them in a very clear or easy to understand manner. So, if someone read your paper to try to understand what Cultural Relativism is and the arguments for and against it, that person would have a hard time learning from your paper. [Also, part of this chapter was discussed in Vaughn, Ch. 1 as an example]. Also, there were sometimes serious grammatical and/or spelling errors: if you have that problem, you must address that for future success: please see the writing center.

About EMP Ch. 1, here's how they were graded:
5/5 = detailed outline/summary and complete: the whole chapter was covered, with each argument.
less than 5/5 = not detailed and/or not complete or deficient in some other manner.

More later!



kofi christie said...

will the quiz include chapters 1-4 from "writing philosophy" (vaughn)?

Nathan Nobis said...

Potentially chapters 1 and 2, but not 3 and 4, since those are due *after* the quiz.