Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Assignment for Monday, Oct 14

1. Re-read your paper on writing philosophy.
2. Re-read your summary of the assigned chapters on on writing.
3. Redo your redo assignment on cultural relativism, unless you used the template and/or rigorously followed the outline and Dr. Nobis said that you did on your returned paper. Download the template file and use it to provide organization. Keep the headings; keep the introduction. Follow the advice that you summarized in your writings on writing from the Harvard writing book and your paper on writing philosophy.
4. Take your paper to the writing center for feedback.
5. Detailed summaries and reactions to the online video on syllogisms by Nathan Nobis. Link below. 
6.  Detailed summaries and reactions to the video on homosexuality by John Corvino. 
7. Re-read EMP Ch. 3; start reading EMP Ch. 4. Soon there will be some writing assignments about  those.

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