Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Assignments for Monday, Oct 7

1. The redo assignment's due date has been changed; instead of being due this Monday (Sept. 30) it will be due the Monday after, which is Oct 7.

2.  Please read this "Guidelines on Writing Philosophy" by Jim Pryor, as well as the short chapters on writing philosophical essays in The Rulebook for Arguments book. On the basis of what you read, write a short "how to paper" on how to write a philosophy paper: what they are like, what they try to accomplish, how they should be structured, what "parts" they should have, how they should be written, and so on. 2-3 pages. (Note: this reading and writing assignment should help with the redo of your writing on cultural relativism).

3. Watch these videos, carefully (take notes, don't be distracted, etc.):

A little video on syllogisms:

 John Corvino - What's Morally Wrong with Homosexuality? (Full DVD Video)  

4. Next week we will identify and evaluate some arguments about homosexuality. Please read Elements of Moral Philosophy Ch. 3.

Our discussion will proceed at a quicker pace if students are able to quickly state arguments in logically valid form and then be able to evaluate arguments as sound or unsound. The more familiar students are with the assigned readings and videos, the quicker and more fruitful our discussion will be!

5. You may wish to consider checking out this extra credit assignment related to career exploration:

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