Monday, October 14, 2013

Group Project

Here is an assignment for group project due in 2 weeks, Monday Oct. 28 (note: this was changed in class to Wednesday Oct. 30). Your group can be 3 or 4 students, but no more and no less, unless you receive special permission from Dr. Nobis. And everyone who is part of the group must have his or her name clearly on the project. It must be submitted in hardcopy and via Turnitin: if your project is an online project, you can still submit the text through Turnitin.

You may do this as online project (e.g., a blog or webpage), like a lab report, like a scientific poster, or a conventional paper.

Your task is to create an educational teaching too that will (A) provide general guidance on how to identify and evaluate moral arguments and (B) apply those skills to the topic of homosexuality.

Your project must have these clearly stated sections:

1. An Introduction, where explain what you will try to accomplish in this project.
2. A Methods section, where you explain -- in detail - the general methods and techniques for finding and evaluating moral arguments.
3. At least five moral arguments about the topic of homosexuality stated in logically valid form and evaluated as sound or unsound. You must explain your reasoning and why you evaluate each premise as true or false.
4. A Conclusion, that reviews what you have done.

Your goal, again, is to create a "product" that someone unfamiliar with philosophical ethics would be able to gain some general skills at reasoning about moral issues and see how these general skills can be applied to the particular issue of ethics and homosexuality. You are the teacher, so your job is to teach people how to better reason about this particular issue. And the general concepts, skills and techniques that you use will be useful for addressing other moral issues as well.

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