Monday, October 14, 2013

Writing Assignments for next Monday, Oct. 21

Writing Assignments for next Monday, Oct. 21:

1. Finish reading the Harvard book on writing: from section 3 to the end. Please turn in a detailed summary.

2. Read EMP Ch. 4 which is entitled "Does Morality Depend on Religion?" Write an essay that clearly addresses the topic of how morality might depend on religion, focusing on the Divine Command Theory of Ethics and the topic of abortion (you do not need to address Natural Law theory). Your essay should have these sections and conform to the guidance given on writing from Pyror and all other sources on writing that you have been asked to read:

I. Introduction 
II. The Divine Command Theory
  1. What the theory Is.
  2.  Arguments that the Theory is True.
  3.  Arguments that the Theory is False
  4. Conclusions about the Divine Command Theory
III. Religion and Abortion
Here you will need to discuss arguments about abortion. In addition to any other arguments, you will want to discuss religious arguments, either arguments from the Bible (discussed also in EMP Ch. 3) and arguments from the Divine Command Theory and what God might think about the topic.
IV. Conclusion
Use this outline in your paper. Visit the writing center. Send Dr. Nobis a draft by email if you'd like.

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