Monday, January 27, 2014

For Wednesday, read and/or re-read:
we will also discuss some concepts from logic. Please read in the the Rulebook for Arguments, the preface, the Introduction, chapter I on "short arguments," the chapter on "deductive arguments" .

Read Guidelines on Reading Philosophy by Jim Pryor.

Read Philosophical Terms and Methods


For MONDAY NOW (GIVEN SNOW DAY), read RTD Ch.1 "A Short Introduction to Moral Philosophy."

For WEDNESDAY NOW (GIVEN SNOW DAY) Read EMP Ch. 1. "What is Morality?" Writing assignment: DETAILED outline outline or summary of the chapter. THIS OUTLINE IS NOW DUE BY FRIDAY 2/7, WHICH IS A CHANGE FROM WED. TURNITIN HAS BEEN CHANGED.

Here are the sample arguments we've been looking at.

And here again is a one page handout with almost all the core concepts for this class.

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