Monday, April 28, 2014

Arguments to state in valid form and evaluate as sound or not

Simmons’ argument below is unsound OR “it’s not wrong to eat meat” because:

  1. We are “at the top of the food chain.”
  2. We are omnivores: we have canines:
  3. Animals eat other animals.
  4. It’s natural to eat meat.
  5. We like “the finer things in life”: we like to do stuff that’s convenient and comfortable.
  6. Meat tastes good / better than vegetarian foods.
  7. It’s not illegal to eat meat.
  8. Animals are alive. Plants are alive and are harmed when killed.
  9. The world would be overpopulated with animals if they were not raised and killed to be eaten.
  10. If we did not raise animals to kill and eat them, they would go extinct!
  11. People ate meat in the Bible: the Bible does not condemn eating meat.
  12. Some people can’t eat vegetarian foods, or it is very very difficult.
  13. Animals aren’t humans!
  14. No humans are harmed in the process of raising and killing animals to eat them.
  15. Most people don’t know enough to healthily eat vegetarian.
  16. Extra vitamins are required for a vegetarian diet [B-12?], and many people cannot afford them.

This argument is unsound OR it is not wrong to eat meat because:
  1. Plants are alive too!
  2. Eating meat helps control the animal population: if animals weren’t raised to be eaten, then they would overpopulate.
  3. Eating meat is necessary for our diets. F
  4. We have a God given right to eat meat.
  5. God or the Bible says it’s OK to eat meat.
  6. If animals eat meat, then it’s OK for us to meat: If animals do X, then it’s OK for us to do X.
  7. Vegetarian food is more expensive.
  8. People would have to eat processed food. ?? (vegetables; grains; beans; fruits).
  9. People would have to eat more food if they didn’t eat meat. ?
  10. People’s taste preferences are more important than animals’s lives and well being.
  11. Meat tastes good.
  12. There is the circle of life. / The food chain.
  13. We are omnivores: our teeth and digestive systems are like cats and dogs and tigers.

  1. If an action causes serious harms that are unnecessary, then that action is wrong.
  2. Raising animals to kill them and eat them causes harms (to animals and perhaps to human beings).
  3. These harms are unnecessary (life, healthy, nutrition, tasty eating, being an  athlete
  4. C1. It it’s wrong to raise and kill animals so that they might be eaten.
  5. If someone is acting wrongly, then it’s wrong to support them (especially if you can do not support them “safely”, pretty easily and especially if you might benefit). ­
  6. C2. It’s wrong to eat meat and other animal products.

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