Monday, April 28, 2014

Final exam information

Final exam times:

This quiz will cover everything since the last quiz, such as:
- the chapters on utilitarianism
- "The Singer Solution to World Poverty" and related issues
- Michael Huemer's article on drug use
- Peter Singer's "All Animals Are Equal" argument (explained in class)
- John Simmons' argument for vegetarianism

Friday at noon we can have an optional review session.

For 12 PM class, final is Wednesday, May 7, from 1-3 PM.
For 1 PM class, final is Monday, May 5, from 8-10 AM. *

Seniors: since grades are due Thursday, May 8, you can take the final at the regular time. Clearly mark, however that you are a senior.

Graduating seniors, and only graduating seniors, can take the final quiz on Friday at 10 AM, if they wish. Or they can take it at one of the regular times above. 

* See discussion in class concerning the 1 PM's class final time.

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