Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Dear Ethicists,

A number of messages.

1. Friday we will not have class because there is an event on sustainability that you should attend. You should try to attend sessions that look interesting to you. I'll pass along details as soon as I get them. Info is here:

2. I posted grades on EMP Ch. 1 through Turnitin. Either people did excellently and provided a detailed outline or summary of the full chapter, or they didn't provide a detailed summary of the whole chapter.

A comment I often made was that if you use the word 'argument' you must ALWAYS state the conclusion and the premises.

Also, outlines should have 'levels' to them, where the details under a point are indented. That provides structure.

3. Since we won't get to it today, the quiz Monday won't include EMP Ch. 2. So only everything in class up until  Wednesday. 

4. You have a writing assignment still due Friday. Make sure you use the template for it:


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