Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monday & Tuesday notes

1.      Understand (the theory, the argument, whatever.): what is it?
2.      Arguments in favor of X?
a.      Evaluate the arguments
3.      Arguments against X?
a.      Evaluate the arguments
4.      Given our understanding of X and the arguments for and against X, what should we think about X?


1.      Topic?
2.      Conclusions?
a.      Doing X is MP; doing X is wrong (not MP); doing X is MO
                                                              i.      Precision: sometimes MP, Wrong, or Obligatory? When? Always MP, Wrong or Obligatory?
3.      Premises? (Reasons?)
4.      Logically valid form? (Valid?)
a.      Adding unstated premise(s)
5.      Sound?
a.      Are all the premises true?
                                                              i.      Factual premises / empirical premises / scientific premises
                                                            ii.      Moral principles.. (If an action is like this… then its MP..
1.      Counterexamples?
                                                          iii.      FACTS + MORAL PRINCIPLES = WHAT TO DO

Baby Teresa
Jodie and Mary
Tracy Latimer

To Harm someone = to make them worse off than they were.
If parents want X to happen, then it always MP for X to happen. F
If parents want X to happen and It’s MP for X to happen, then it’s MP for X to happen. F

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