Tuesday, June 19, 2012

There will be a midterm quiz Thursday, up to chapter 3, covering everything thus far in the course.

Students can use a 1 page study guide for the quiz: only the front of a page (not front and back), 8.5 by 11 paper. 
  • Questions about what some theory is (Kantianism, utilitarianism.. moral theories generally
  • Questions about concepts
    • arguments: 
      • what is an argument
      • logically valid (definitions of logically valid can you have a valid argument w true premises but a false conclusion? can you have a valid argument with false premises?),
        • If not valid... what ca be changed to make valid?
      • sound;  
      • modus ponuns, modus tollens; syllogism aka universal generalization
      • what is a question begging argument?
    • difference between morally permissible/obligatory and wrong? (why do we not use the word 'right'?) 

RTD Ch. 1. A short introduction to moral philosophy
RTD Ch 2 Some basic points about argments
EMP CH 1 - Rachels had some general ideas about moral thinking; 3 cases: baby theresa; tracy lattimer and the twins Jodie and Mary:
EMP Ch. 2 - cultural relativism, the moral theory: what is it? arguments against it? what are the arguments to think CR is true? female genital mutilation, Harvard law review article w the arguments in favor of it.
EMP 3: subjectivism / emotivism..  nice overlap with RTD Ch2 "Some basic points about arguments". homosexuality..

Nobody will be harmed and someone will benefit if we kill Teresa and take her organs.
Any action that benefits someone and harms nobody is MP.
Therefore, killing her is MP.

Using stem cells is wrong.

      •  cultural relativism
        • prohibits the judging of other cultures
    • ambiguous word choice? clarity? "Right"?

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