Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A reminder

A reminder from the syllabus:
. . weekly short writing assignments, often on the readings, usually due Monday at the time of class in hardcopy – no work will be accepted late -- and submitted to the Turnitin.com system, with a print out of your submission receipt attached the assignment (see above for the Course ID and password): 5 points each, 50 points total. ALL WORK MUST HAVE STUDENTS’ NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, CLASS, CLASS TIME AND A VERY CLEAR INDICATION OF WHAT THE ASSIGNMENT IS; POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED IF ANY OF THESE ARE MISSING.

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Nathan Nobis said...

Be careful with how you use the word 'feel.' Use 'feel' only when you are really talking about your feelings or feel something. Use 'think', 'believe', 'argue', etc. when you are talking about your thoughts.