Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Notes from Wednesday, First Day

Some sample, simple arguments from the past that we’ve made some progress on:

1.     “Slavery is not wrong. After all, slave owners benefit from slavery.”
2.     “Women shouldn’t be able to go to school since they are so emotional.”
3.     “It’s not wrong to eat animals because they are not rational.”

What do you mean? –
ambiguity/lack of clarity with a word
AND/OR imprecision about quantity (some? All?)
Making arguments logically valid.

4.     “Slave owners benefit from slavery.”
5.     If someone benefits from an action, then that action is not wrong. F
6.     Therefore, slavery is not wrong.

7.      (All?) Women are so emotional (?). F
8.     If some activity is difficult for someone, then they shouldn’t have the chance to try it. ? F?
9.      “Women shouldn’t be able to go to school

10.  (All?) Animals are not rational.”
11.  If a being is not rational, then it’s not wrong to eat it. F
= All non rational beings are OK to eat.
12.   “It’s not wrong to eat animals.

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